Acoustic Booth

We design, manufacture and supply a range of acoustic booths that find application in industrial, military, educational, governmental and medical applications. These acoustic booths are are made of pre-fabricated, double-functional acoustic panels, each providing sound insulation and attenuated interior acoustics. Our range includes Acoustic Booth for Audio metric screening, acoustic booth for educational learning, acoustic booth for audiology/ psychological/ behavioural research, acoustic booth for music practice & recording, studio acoustic and others. Further, we also offer after sale services for these acoustic booths.

Recording Booth

We provide Recording Booth at best prices our clients. As it is rightly said, Silence is Golden, so commercial acoustic studio are build because they must allow absolutely no sound to enter from a usually noisy environment i.e. recording booth. Double and triple walls, isolated concrete slabs, custom steel / wooden doors are constructed for soundproofing of recording booth. Given a reasonably quiet, solidly built house to start with, a decent acoustic studio can be created with modest expense and effort.


  • Prevent standing waves and acoustic interference from affecting the frequency response of recording studios, listening rooms,  Auditoriums , Movie theaters etc.
  • Reduce modal ringing in small rooms and lower the revert time in larger studios, churches, and auditoriums
  • Absorb or diffuse sound in the room to avoid ringing and flutter echoes, and improve stereo imaging
  • Keep sound from leaking into or out of a room. That is, to prevent your music from disturbing the neighbors, and to keep the sound of passing trucks from getting into your microphones




  • Studios
  • Churches
  • Auditoriums
  • Movie Theater



Audiometric Booth

These Audiometric Booth provide a self-contained environment for hearing conservation programs. The Audiometric booths are used for hearing conservation and mobile testing vehicles and are offered with a range of acoustical performance levels, variations in floor plans and numerous options for industrial, military, educational, governmental and medical applications. The booths are fully ventilated, and include your choice of casters or isolation mounts.


  • Large side entry door allows ease of access to persons of all age
  • Spacious enough to accommodate a mother and child or an elderly person
  • Outstanding performance
  • Double acoustic window
  • Continuous magnetic seal on the access door
  • Silenced ventilation
  • Wall construction system ensures long-term acoustic integrity

Vocal Booth

We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of Vocal Booth which  is being used for recording spoken word, voice-over, sung vocals and remixing djs. Optimal acoustic environment is provided for Radio, TV, Film, Commercials, Elearning, Narration and Podcasting.


  • Better performance
  • Highly reliable

Audiology Booth

We provide Audiology Booth for audiology/ psychological/ behavioral research. Soundproof test rooms, audiology and hearing test booths are made of pre- fabricated, double-functional acoustic panels, each providing sound insulation and attenuated interior acoustics. Due to panel absorbing acoustics with absorbers and reflectors in angular arrangement a smooth, linear response and controlled reverberation time are guaranteed. Different booth types are offered subject to the application.


  • Double-layered acoustical panels
  • Sound insulation
  • Attenuated interior acoustics