Anechoic Chamber

We are counted amidst the dependable Anechoic Chamber manufacturers in India.  An anechoic chamber is a room in which there are no echoes. This description was originally used in the context of acoustic (sound) echoes caused by reflections from the internal surfaces of the room but more recently the same description has been adopted for the radio frequency (RF) anechoic chamber. We make use of sophisticated technology for manufacturing these and ensure that these offer complete satisfaction to our clients.

Semi Anechoic Chamber

We are the leading specialist in design / construction of vehicle / Component Anechoic and Semi-Anechoic Test Rooms. Semi Anechoic Chambers are commonly used in acoustics to perform experiments in nominally free field conditions. This means that all sound energy will be traveling away from the source with almost none being reflected back. Common anechoic chamber experiments include measuring the transfer function of a loudspeaker or the directivity of noise radiation from industrial machinery. We make use of sophisticated technology for manufacturing these and ensure that these offer complete satisfaction to our clients.


  • Complete service
  • Feasibility studies through to construction and commissioning
  • Acoustic performance of all test rooms guaranteed
  • In-house expertise in acoustic design: civil, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering and every aspect of project management
  • Using Metal faced anechoic wedge & Foam wedges
  • Quality Control to BS EN ISO 9001- 2008

Quiet Room

The Quiet Room uses the non-flammable wedge-shaped absorbers. They use non-sound reflex materials, they have high soundproof capability. These are the things we could not achieve with our conventional wedge-shaped absorbers. Until now, concrete construction or carpentry using wooden boards were common. But our anechoic chamber uses non-flammable soundproof panels (with several layers) even in the sound insulating layer and it can be transferred to a different place.


  • Non-sound reflex materials
  • Echo-free enclosures
  • Sound energy absorption level of 99% to 100%
  • Reflected sound pressure level of 10% or less

Portable Anechoic Chamber

Portable Anechoic Chamber (Chamber for sound measurement) is a small anechoic box with a high sound insulation and sound absorption capability. It is used for noise measurement on products, allophones inspection, quality control, and for research and development. With our technology of noise control, we developed a panel with several layers and by producing more than 100 anechoic test boxes in the past.

Useful to test Communication equipments, precision instruments, electronic products, nanotechnology-related products and environmental related products.